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Please make this easy to access on the app and quicker to see on the user account list. We have 30+ kids in our troop and a LOT of allergies and keeping track of them is important for safety reasons (especially when one is Celiac). A quick view list of the name and allergy with a hyperlink to emergency contact info for parents would be great.


Hi @karengottlieb,

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I do have a pretty quick option for you. I tried this on both the desktop site and the mobile version and it works just fine.

Go to Manage > Reports > All Reports > Custom Reports > Create Users Report. Give the report a title, then choose the columns you would like to include. Maybe full name, age, parent info, and allergy note. Choose how you would like it to be sorted and click “Create Report”. You will be able to see the report and make sure it’s how you want it (if not, press Edit). From then on, all you will have to do is go to Mange > Reports and your custom report will be there on that list (on the desktop). Or go to Manage > All Reports to see it on the mobile version.

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Hey Sully,

Quick question- When we create reports like these are they dynamic or static reports? Meaning, if @karengottlieb has more scouts next year with allergies, will she have to re-create the report, or will those scouts automatically show on the report she creates today?



Good morning @sgaines,

Great question!

If you generate a report today and add an allergy note next month (sooner or later works, too), it will automatically appear/update on the report. This also works if you add new members. Simply go to the report after you’ve added a new member and that person will be there.

Thanks for asking. I hope this helps!

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Great news.

Thanks Matt