Report Question

Our troop has quite a few allergies and use the Medical Report for our leaders. Each year, I have to go in an manually update the reports girl by girl. A long process when your troop has girls in every squad with allergies. Is there a way to add a Bulk entry for allergies? Something similar to what is being talked about over in this thread? Medical Info - Suggestion Even if I could do it from the Manage Units Page and be able to update all the girls allergy & pick up information squad by squad, that would be faster and easier (for me) than pulling up each individual girl.

I would love to see a way that we could highlight the girls with life threatening allergies. Or do something that makes that fact stand out on the report. Right now, my troop has about 7 girls with life threatening allergies. To highlight it on the report, I mark it all in bold, but then I have the problem with a couple of girls who have more than one life threatening allergy, how do I make those allergies stand out when they have other non-life threatening allergies. All these girls also carry epipens, so to mark both the fact that it’s life threatening and they carry a pen, I put it all in ALL caps.

We also create a sheet that attaches to our sign-in boards that has the Authorized Pick Up People other than parents as well as the allergies. If there was a way to put that information on TT, then create a custom report with JUST that information, printable by squads, it would be perfect.

I feel like I’m reinventing the wheel b/c each year, I need to create spread sheets to attach to our sign-in boards with allergy and sign out information. I can put the information in different places on TT, but when our leaders are off site, or if there is an emergency, or a question of who can pick up girls, it would be fabulous to be able to have a report that TT generates to print and use.