Internet Advancement 2.0

I’ve seen some past references to this, but nothing recent. With BSA turning off Internet Advancement on June 10, 2019 how will advancement sync work within Troop Track? Also, is the advancement report being updated to match the new format within Internet Advancement 2.0?

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I am curious what Council you are with?

Lake Erie Council (NE Ohio).
But this isn’t a local issue so far as I know. From what I’ve been sent this is at the nat’l level; Internet Advancement 1.0 will be shut down for everything except Explorer units on June 10. From there forward it’s Internet Advancement 2.0.

I know they are moving in that direction, there have been others that have posted previously saying it was all ready shut down however it is still functioning for us. I have never seen any specific date posted anywhere. Where did you get the June 10th date?

Here is a pretty good article:

Thanks, I had found that article but looked more closely at it again and had missed the one sentence that mentioned the date. Finally some definitive information from BSA National as to when IA 1.0 Is going offline. @KelsieC, @Spencer, @dave, how is it coming on getting TT updated to work with IA 2.0?

We are looking into setting up the integration process at the moment. However, without access to a current account, we have hit a bit of a roadblock. None of us is currently involved with BSA, so we don’t have any way to test that things are set up properly. If either of you or any other troop/pack would be willing to allow us access to Scoutbook, that would be a huge help and greatly accelerate the process of getting integrated with their site.

Kelsie - do you need access to the Internet Advancement 2.0 system? (I’m not sure if that’s exactly the same as Scoutbook)

@KelsieC I sent an e-mail directly. Here is another website:

I have been looking and even though they talk about 3rd party’s getting access to the file format they don’t have anywhere listed how you can connect to them to get that information.

I reached out via the Forum and a ScoutBook Advisory Council member said they would request that BSA staff reach out to you guys to find out about IA 2.0 integration.

Hello. I am in the same situation with BSA’s IA 2.0. I use the TurboNET feature in TroopTrack to upload advancements. Wondering if it will still function with the update to IA 2.0. Based on my research, IA 2.0 went live today, 6/10. There will be a two week transition where both the original IA & IA 2.0 will be available. After the two weeks, it sounds like the original IA will be shut down. Any update on TurboNET compatibility with BSA’s Internet Advancement 2.0 would be greatly appreciated.

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We are working on this today and trying to get it set up as quickly as possible. We will be posting updates to the Community and the Facebook page as we have them. :slight_smile:

Any updates Kelsie? I’m trying to evaluate your software for our pack, but I’m unable to import anything.

@scwagner1983 I replied on the other thread. :grinning: But you can read a bit here: 6/17/19 Product Update.

I followed the video from July 3rd. After 5 tries I was finally able to get part of my advancement list uploaded. But now it won’t verify the individual scout as being reported to Council. I also have 4 reports that I’m unable to delete.