Invite New Registrations

I want to invite a list or people to register with Troop Track for the first time. The User Guide shows a workflow for adding new members. However, I need a step before that to have Troop Track send a link for people to register. I would like to include a Troop communication with this invitation. I could not locate the menu to issue a communication with the link or the link that starts a new user in the registration pages for our local Troop. Your guidance is appreciated. Thank you - Daniel


So what’s the answer? How does one resend new user invites?

I would consider it to be one important source of “communication problems” and would expect the “edit user” screen to be a great place to put the button, but that’s just me.


Go to Manage>>Members and from there you can access two different screens: “Invite Users” and “User Accounts”. Both of those have the option to reset the password and send a new invite. I think that is what you want.