How do I resend a invitation to someone?

I have a couple of cases where parents said they never got the e-mail invite or they mistakenly deleted it. In both cases I tried to “Add new member” by sending a registration for later. In both cases it indicated that the e-mail address was already registered to a user. I can’t locate that e-mail address under any user listed. Help

Hi @Traillifetexarkana,

I had to change your subdomain to get access to your account. it had “” in it twice.

Just go to Manage > Members > User Accounts and press “Reset Password” and it will send them the email again.


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Thank you misully2002 for fixing that subdomain issue. I have tried for some time to get it fixed.

I see how to reset the password but my issue is that in certain cases when I enter in the e-mail to send a parent a registration link I am told that person already has an account…but when I look thru the members and applications in Troop Track, that e-mail is not associated with any members. I am assuming (and we both know what assuming does) that I previously send a registration link to that e-mail address and they never did anything with it. Is there not a way to resend the registration link when this happens.

Thank you

Can you please provide me with one or two specific email addresses to look at?

Thank you.


Thanks for your assistance on this.

Hi @Traillifetexarkana,

It looks like those parents only have accounts in your Trail Life troop.

By going to Manage > Settings > User Accounts and pressing the “Reset password” button next to their name will send them an email that lets them set a password and log in. That should be all you need to do to get them in.


To get to user accounts I have to go…Manage>Members>User Accounts. Once I get into user accounts there is no account with either of the two e-mails I sent you.

It looks like they’ve been deactivated. Please go to Manage > Members > Deactivated Users and reactivate them and then you will be able to reset their passwords.

wow…done. Thanks for the help on this.