Inviting Existing Scout with New Email

I cannot recall how to invite a user to register for a Troop Track account. These girls have been in Troop Track but have been too young for an email account. Now they’re old enough and want to add an email and I need to invite them to create an account.



Go to Manage - Members - Invite Users. You will get a list of everyone without an account. If they do not have an e-mail it allows you to add it right from that screen. I did just notice this is not perfect as I see two users without e-mails in their Profile but the Invite button is available, @Keener-Trooptrack perhaps a bug to look at?

Perhaps the more reliable way would be to use the Manage - Members - User Accounts that shows who does not have an e-mail or account. You can select Actions - Edit and go to their Profile to add an e-mail, then go back and select Actions - Reset Password.


Yes you may see users who don’t have an email associated with their name, but you can click on their profile from that screen and add one. Then resend the invite.

Invites are most easily sent out from the “manage”, “members” and “invite users” page.


David Keener

I sent an e-mail with some screenshots of the issue I am seeing on the Invite Users page.

I’m not seeing the Manage>Members>invite link. I have full privileges to our account.

Thank you


It works from my cellphone chrome browser, but not from my PC chrome browser.

Hi @Jersey,

It’s down near the bottom of the list. I’m using chrome as well, I impersonated your account and here’s what I saw.


David Keener