First invitation didn't go through and I need to send another. How?

I am new to Troop Track and am only sending a few invitations out to test drive the program. One scout never received the initial invite and then informed me of an e-mail change. I changed the e-mail but how do I send another invite? I have searched everywhere and am getting a bit frustrated. Thank you for your help.

I could be wrong but I’m not sure that there is a way to send it to just one person. It would be sent out to the whole list again. The way to do this is to go in and edit and change the Send Invites dropdown to today.

What I usually do is forward the email from my personal email since I get all the invites that go out since I go to all the events.

Hopefully someone has better advice for this!

Hi @kwright,

Go to Manage > Members > Invite users and press “All Users” at the top. This will allow you to resent the invites/password reset.

You can also go to Manage > Members > User Accounts and press the Password Reset button. If the email address has been fixed in the system, it will send the username and password registration email to the user.

Thank you.