How do I invite scouts and parents to visit our new website?

I’ve just signed up for Troop Track. I’ve spent some time doing some data entry. I’ve entered all my scouts and parents and their email addresses and a bunch of other stuff. Now, I want to invite them all to log-in and update their profile and have a look at the calendar and the advancement book. How do I do that?

Ah, ha! I found it! It’s under [privileges]. Do I need to send these invites individually? Is there a way to send a bulk invitation?

The best way to send a bulk invitation is to go to Manage > Members > Invite Users. You can’t exactly bulk invite everyone, but you will see a list of everyone who hasn’t been invited and can hit the Register/Invite button for each person on that list. Also, when you create a new individual on TroopTrack, there is a checkbox below all of their info that says “Invite user to TroopTrack” or something similar. If you select that box, they will be automatically invited when you add them, thus saving you the extra step of inviting them after they have already been created.

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