Is it possible to determine the order of RSVPs?

Or even better, a history of the RSVP status? We’ve had a couple of cases where someone flip-flopped on the RSVP after council payments were made while claiming they did no such thing. For various reasons, we didn’t have the RSVPs closed yet (in part because you can’t print Permission slips after they’re closed).

It would be very handy to have a report that says who changed what RSVP at what time. In this case, I was able to get a refund from council and it was a small enough amount that I wouldn’t want to make a big stink anyway. But I can easily see a case where this could be a big deal.

In fact, having that sequence would be useful just for figuring out how to give priority when slots on a wait list open up.


I would find this a very useful feature. We’ve had several occasions where knowing the order the scouts sign up for an event is relevant.

Also it would be handy to have a wait list! This would show those that would like to go to an event that has already filled up.

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