Is there a way to report on RSVP Notes

We have a hiking event coming up where we need families to indicate which course they will take. I thought I could have them put that in the RSVP Notes part of the RSVP section. But I cannot find any way to report on that afterwards. It is not realistic to manually transcribe it from the event details page as we have 55 scout families.

Can this be done or is there a recommendation on another way to do it?

Thank you.

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I have had a very similar situation to this and based on the limitation just created separate events for Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, it is a little more work on you as you have to look at three different events but at least then they can RSVP for the one they are going to do and you can then see how many for each one.

I considered that option but I am more concerned about the confusion and overhead on the families than me. I don’t want them to have to deal with 3 different notices and picking and choosing.

If that is the best solution then I will have to go back to using a Google Form to collect the necessary details. It is unfortunate because we just started using the online RSVP and payment and I don’t want to go back and discourage adoption.

To answer your original question I have never seen any way to view the RSVP notes outside the website.
Another solution could be to use the Sign Up Sheet, it would still require them to go to a second thing but they could RSVP for the event then you have a link they click to get to the Sign Up Sheet and it only has three options. Still extra work for them.
Another solution could be to use the Additional Items purchase. You could add three items at no cost, with instructions to RSVP then select one of the Courses, at least it would all be within the Event Details and you can then export the Item Purchases as a CSV file and know how many are going on each course.

None of these solutions sound like good enough alternatives. I will have to go the Google Form route. Since this is not a paid event, I don’t have to manage the RSVPs in TT. I just wish I could be consistent.

Now that signup sheets can be done via email, we’ve been able to use those for things like this. (I.e. it’s handling RSVPs out of TroopTrack’s calendar feature and instead using TroopTrack’s signup sheets.)