RSVP Notes Not Showing


I’ve noticed a problem with the RSVP notes. If the event does not have a cost, the field to enter a note shows up just fine. However, when the event has a cost, that field never shows up to enter any notes.

Hi @JustinWeaver,

I’m seeing that as well. I’ll let our tech team know about this.


David Keener

Hi Justin, after a paid event ticket is purchased anyone can add an RSVP note by clicking on the “View Ticket” button.

Then on the ticket page each user can leave an RSVP note that is essentially attached to each individual ticket.

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Thank you. It would be nicer if it was captured on the front end like when there is no cost, but this will do for the time being.

That design essentially hides it from normal users. Who would ever think to go looking for RSVP Notes under View Ticket?

This design makes RSVP Notes an unusable feature. As @JustinWeaver suggested - RSVP Notes should (must) be made available at the time the RSVP is being done. Not after payment is made.

Most scouts do not make the payment themselves - their parents do. So they would never have the ability to add an RSVP Note.

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