Issues with Money Book report in TroopTrack since most recent upgrade

This is Sam Woodson, Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 1 of Chicago, IL. Our Troop Controller has noticed changes and issues with the Money Book report in TroopTrack that appear to coincide with the most recent upgrade. Our Controller and Finance Committee use this report in order to account for money received from various activities/events.

I have a attached a series of screenshots from our instance of TroopTrack last week. Between the transactions for Walker Verwoerdt on 2020-02-07 and those for Charlie Hockman on 2020-02-11, the contents of the transactions description in the Money Book report have changed. Specifically, the “Desc” field no longer shows the corresponding event and nature of the transaction (instead, an order number), and the “Categories” field is blank. (See first 2 screen shots below).

Additionally, it appears that there are in some (all?) cases two additional, off-setting transactions - one positive, one negative - with the words “Transfer from Test for Event Payment”. (See the third screen shot below)

It’s important to note that all of these examples are for the same TroopTrack Event - the Personal Management Merit Badge Clinic on Sunday, Feb 23. No changes have been made to the Event in that time period. Since these screen shots we are seeing similar issues with our next Event for which registration opened late last week.

In order for us to properly account of the money received, it’s important for us to have a clear description of transaction - listing the Event for which it was received and nature of the fee (event fee vs. transaction fee).

Thank you. Please advise.

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First off @SamuelWoodson welcome to the TT Community. Second there were quite a few changes with money transactions that were implemented with the new version of TT. Please check out the following articles in the Shopping Cart Category to learn how the new Shopping Cart Works. It looks to me based on the new functionality it is working properly, it may mean a change in how things are reconciled. The use of Event specific Accounts or at least an Events Account, rather than the General Account, seems like the easiest way to do the accounting.