I've got 99 communication problems but knowing who isn't getting TroopTrack emails isn't one of them (anymore)! (10/25/2015)

This morning I was trying to figure out who in our troop is not receiving emails or texts for any reason and I quickly became frustrated, so I decided to make it easy to do. I didn't want it to just be a report - I also wanted to be able to fix any problems directly from the page. I also wanted it to be self-service, so that members with problems can see and fix them for themselves and their family members. So... without further ado I give you...

Communication Problems!

To get there, just go to Communicate -> Communication Problems. You will see a list of everyone available to you based on your access level (self, household, patrol, troop) who meets any of the following criteria:

1) They don't have an email address
2) They don't have a cell phone number
3) They don't have a cell phone carrier (we can't send them text messages without it)
4) They have reported TroopTrack email as spam
5) They have unsubscribed from all TroopTrack email
6) We have had trouble delivering email to their email address

Some of this information was previously listed on Manage -> Members -> User Accounts. We've removed it from there to avoid confusion.

Along with this new feature, we have also fixed a bug for AHG troops where all achievements were not being listed on the Achievement Overview.

Have a wonderful Sunday!