Level shows "Not Set"

See attached screenshots.

In the “Advancement Overview” screen, some girls show no progress (even though they have completed some badges and they were awarded last weekend). It also shows that their level is “not set”. When I click on their name (see second screenshot), you can see that their level is set. What gives?


It looks like those users’ levels are not set. I fixed Caitlin by going to her profile and pressing “Edit” next to “Registration Info” and selecting her level form the drop down.

You can fix them that way or you can go to Manage > Troops, drag and drop those girls to a different troop/unit and then back into the correct one.

Either of those options will set the level and allow the info to be shown on the Advancement Overview.

Ok, I see that it is working now, but if you look at what I see on this end for Ella-Kate (screenshot attached), you will see that I have already done this, and yet it still shows “not set”. (I checked this before I submitted the question.) The screenshot shows the existing information; I have not changed anything here.

Matt, can you delete Ella-Kate’s screenshot after you look at it? I shows more personal information than I am comfortable with. Thanks!


Her troop is set correctly, but right below it, under Current Level, it’s empty. Set that to her level and you should be good to go.

GOT IT! thank you so much. Sorry for the trouble.