Lion Adult

Would Like to see Lion Adult added to Parent/Adult Partner Section.
Is this possible?
C. Bell

@melissa, will you please look into this? Thank you.


Hi! I am not sure exactly what you are asking for. Can you give me a bit more information? Are you asking for a leadership position?

It’s the same as a Tiger Parent, not necessarily a leadership position, but a requirement for Lion Scouts. The Lion program is the pilot program for kindergartners.

I am asking for parent help at the tables. One to hand our T shirts to kids who did not receive them upon sign up. Or sell parent t shirts for 10.00 a piece.
Camp sign up to log how many are going and to collect money for camp.
This is not a leadership position however I do have some available if you are interested.


Cindy Bell

Ignore post 5. Sorry so many things going on

Areel, has it we need a lion adult section for thee new lions scouts just like the tiger adults
Thank you for the quick reply.

I added Lion Adult to the leadership positions. Take a look and let me know if I need to make any changes.

Thank you


Cindy Bell

All- like the similar post I just responded to, Lion Adult (or Parent or whatever) should not be classified in the Pack Leadership position since it pulls all of them along when generating the magic mailing lists for the “leaders.” I think most Packs use the “leader” category for positions like Cubmaster, Treasurer, Committee Chair, activity chair, etc. When we have leadership meetings the magic mailing list should only go to that “leader” group instead of that group plus every Lion and Tiger parent.
Thank you