Magic Mailing List, Added Recipients Not Showing on View Details Screen

When I add a recipient to an existing Magic Mailing list and then save, it doesn’t show them on the View Details screen. When I do a Reload, they don’t show. If I completely exit and come back in they don’t show. However, when I go back in to Edit the list, the check marks are there.

In the screen shots, I’ve blocked the names, but the person next to each check mark is an adult. You can then see in the View Details screen shot that it shows that there are no adults in the list.


Hi @jjeffery

I can definitely help you out.

One thing I noticed from the screenshots is that for this particular magic mailing list is for the Clout Patrol. Magic Mailing lists are automatic generated lists by TroopTrack. So this Magic Mailing list for the Clout Patrol is automatically made and will be a list of members who are in that specific patrol. You’ll need to have the adults as members of that Patrol in order for them to receive the email from that Magic Mailing list.

When you are checking those boxes for those adults, that simply determines who can send to that list. It does not actually ADD those who are check marked to the list. Magic Mailing Lists are system generated. To add those adults you wish, technically you would need to put them in that correlating patrol to get emails sent to them OR I would suggest making a Custom Mailing List. Custom Mailing Lists allow you to add anyone you choose and you could make a list for the Clout Patrol with additional members who are not actually in the Clout Patrol.

Let me know if this helps, or if I’m understanding your problem correctly,

David Keener