Magic Mailing Lists & Members in multiple organizations

Looking at the Details link on a Magic Mailing List like it looks like you determine the scope of the list (eg: troop or organization) by the senders e-mail. Doesn’t this break the use-case where someone is a member of more than one organization? Like a parent that has children in multiple troops or packs?

The User Guide page Magic Mailing Lists shows using a format like which would solve this. But why is our troop’s default using the form? We need to sort this before we start using the mailing lists, otherwise, it will get very confusing for people.


This is solved by SubDomain e-mails, each unit gets their own subdomain like, or, I suppose it is conceivable there could be two Troop 123’s across the country so not sure how the TT admins would need to address that but I am sure there would be some way to differentiate them.

That was what I suspected, but it is not enabled by default. So is the recommendation that we use SubDomain e-mail configuration? If so, I really think they should make that the default.

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Like so many things it comes down to choice, I believe Subdomain e-mails is the best option, I am not sure why that is not the default and really what difference or benefit is gained by not using that. I will give that feedback to the TT Admins

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