Trick to allowing iPhone app to create events?

I have a couple leaders confirming that they cannot use the iPhone app to create an event. They have the “Manage events - Create, edit, and delete events” privilege but are getting an error saying “Opps! You don’t have privileges to create an event”. I have the same report from one user with “unit” access and another with “Patrol/Den” access. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Hi @pauldugas,

I just tried to replicate this, but was unable to. I logged into the iphone app as a cub scout den leader, changed the access levels to match what you described, and created an event without any problems.

If you email me the names of the leaders with the issues, I can take a closer look at it. (


Hi @pauldugas,

Thank you for sending that to my email.

I just made my account exactly like the leader’s and was able to create an event without any issues. I’m not sure what the problem is. Will you please report it to the app developer through the app? Manu > Settings > Feedback

Thank you!

I don’t have an IOS device and my leaders are non-technical. I double
they’ll be able to provide a clear enough fault report. :frowning: