Importing new Troop's service hours and hiking miles

I am transferring my Troop over from TroopMaster. What is the best method for me to input the scouts hiking miles, service hours etc? Do I have to create a single “dummy” event that has all the miles hiked in one event? Is there a way to hard code the user to start from their current number of miles? What is the right method?

Hi Steve,
You don’t have to create an event for it - just go to the user profile, then go to the participation tab and click on the “Record External Participation” button. Then add the total hours, miles, etc. and give it a name like “TroopMaster carryover” or something.

That’s normally what new troops do. Sometimes they break it out by year, or by the rank the service occurred at. In other words, you would add one participation record per year or rank, if that makes sense.