Medical Form Part D and Tetanus

I see when I input Med Form information (dates) for Parts A,B, and C that there isn’t a choice for Part D. But on the canned Medical reports, it lists columns for A, B, C, D and Allergy Notes. So how would I enter a part D to have it show up on this report.

Also, we can put in Allergy notes, but how do some of you deal with Tetanus, the 1 biggie we usually need to know on the road if a child has to see a doctor or an urgent care. I think it would be nice to just have a Tetanus box where we can store the date they last received their shot. Of course it is on their form, which works, but I am hoping to simplify and streamline as much as possible. And we aren’t going to be uploading the Med Forms, still have to carry around paper unfortunately as nobody wants to get even close to a HIPAA violation on our committee.

As a bonus: it would certainly be nice on the medical report, or any report, where I can Filter Scouts vs Adults. Right now I have to do it by Patrols, and with 150 boys, 300+ parents and adult leaders, and 20-ish patrols, it becomes cumbersome.