Canned Medical Report

It would be helpful to have the dates of the Medical parts (A, B, and C) highlight in Red and Bold if the Date is more than one year in the past, as they are out of date. Also is there any way when an event requires a medical form that there is some indication on a member that RSVP’ed to attend on the status of Medical parts. Being able to see the members medical Parts Dates on a report for the event may do the trick also.


Hi @JBurns,

Thank you for this feature request. Let’s see what the community has to say about it before we proceed.

Thank you!

I like this idea.

I would like to take it one step farther and see a report of medical forms that expire within the next 90 days. This way the work is already done.

Let’s go one more step :):):slight_smile: It’s be nice if there could be an email sent out automatically when someone is within 90 days of their health form expiring.




And an alert when they RSVP for an event that is marked as requiring medical (I still can’t find anywhere that this field is used).



You can mark medical being required under the Advanced tab when planning an event. I hope the screenshot below helps!

I hope this answers your question.



@sgaines is right.

If you indicate that Medical is Required, it will say it in the email you send out as part of the event. We currently do not prevent people from RSVPing if they don’t have it up to date.

Yeah I know where the field is (that’s why I referenced it in my comment). I’m saying that the field is basically useless at this point. An option to alert and/or prevent someone from RSVPing for an event that has the “Medical required” field checked if their medical form dates are blank and/or will have past by the event dates has been posted:


Storing scout medical info in electronic form is against BSA policy. I don’t know about other organizations. Make this optional if you implement it as some troops won’t use this feature or the medical form dates.

This request had nothing to do with storing medical information in
electronic form, simply triggering certain functions based off of dates. I
don’t believe there is any policy against keep track of dates and using
that information in the planning and communication processes.


I believe it is against policy to store the forms themselves electronically. However storing JUST the date of expiration would be very helpful.

BSA medicals are for 12 months. Keeping track of who has a current/expired medical would be handy.

So I would like to store:
a) Expiration dates
b) If they have submitted parts A and B only or have submitted parts A,B, and C(needed for any trips over 72 hours or any high adventure activities).

It is important to know for a trip/activity the following:

  • If they have a medical form on file
  • If they have part C if required
  • and if they are not expired by the date of the activity

This could be achieved by storing dates for parts A and B seperate from a date for part C, and then on an activity plan have check boxes for “current part A/B required” and abother optional check for “current part C required”. And doing some magic math by the system comparing the expiration dates with the planned event date would be super.


Just a note on the calculation if a form is expired or not, it should be based on the end date of the event.

Thanks for the added detail.

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While the report on medicals in useful, I still have to send emails and track people down.

Enforcing the medical requirement a event RSVP creates motivates submission and maintains compliance automatically.

I’m not against the report, but I would prioiritize as:

  1. Enforcement at events based on event date
  2. Auto email at expire and 90 days before
  3. Canned report
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There is an ability to create a custom report. However, none of the custom templates (like “user”) allows you to select med form dates. The very basic custom report would be to allow any user to create a report of people with med forms older than X date… “Expired/Missing Med Forms”. Although a good standard would be to generate a report containing only people with med forms greater than 1-yr old, another user also suggested a similar report to list forms which will expire in 90 days.

Suggestion, add med form dates to the “create custom user report” and include the ability to only list those older than X date. Alternatively, create a new “custom report” template specifically for med form dates with this “aging” ability.


So my question is about not storing the completed forms. I completed forms less than a year ago and turned into the BSA Campground for my child to attend Brownsea. Unfortunately, I lost any copies from that, which are now required for my child to attend a winter campout “Klondike” event at the same BSA Campground. If not online, where should we keep medical forms A,B, and/or C? And quickly accessible by the troop Scoutmaster for events where the troop is attending a BSA Campground facility?

You do not want medical forms stored ‘online’. You should fill the ‘fillable’ pdf out on your computer and save it and print 3 copies - one for you, one for your Troop or Pack to keep on file, and one for the camp.Our Troop keeps them all in a binder which they take on all activities. Most events (like Klondike) don’t require you to turn one in to them,

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I can’t “heart” this one enough. This is basic functionality that is missing. Please point me in the right direction if there have been improvements to custom reports, specifically regarding med form dates.

Also, the current med form report shows on-screen alpha sorted by first name. The PDF version is alpha sorted by LAST name. I’d like to see all reports sorted the same, regardless of view… and I would like by LAST name. Another request is to have the ability to get a csv of ALL reports. I could at least sort, filter, etc if I could export any report until the reporting function is improved.


Great, I uploaded the BSA form A+B that includes immunization history, and it won’t let me delete it now.

Is there a way to know if this has been accepted as a workable idea and if so, when it might be available. We HAVE to be able to know which scouts med forms are out of date. We can’t go through them all individually, and keeping a spreadsheet seems counter intuitive to paying for a service that should be able to track this information.

Just to be 100% clear, nobody here wants to be able to store the forms. We need to know when they are going to expire. A report would be optimal, but also having the signup/rsvp take this in to account would seem to make very good sense as well.

Yes, this has been submitted. Specifically, a report with Name, Date A, Date B, and Date C. Might turn red if more than a year old (not sure if that part was accepted).

There is no time estimate available on this one. I will tell you when the developers start on it.

Thank you.


We just released a “medical book” for BSA units. Go to Manage -> Medical Book to check it out.

I’m still thinking about the other related features such as emails when a medical expires and preventing a user from RSVP’ing to an event that requires a medical.

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