?Medical forms for Trail Life USA?

Is there any plan for the Medical Form tracking features avialable for BSA Troops to be made available for TLUSA Troops?


Not at this time. We are thinking about dropping this feature altogether, but you may ask Trail Life USA to add the enhancement if you’d like.

How do I “… ask Trail Life USA to add the enhancement if you’d like”?? Is there a process for making improvements to TT for specific organizations? What is the process for requesting ANY improvement?

Yes, I saw @dave’s response on that here, ALTHOUGH I believe the concern he was addressing is storing the actual scanned forms. I am asking about only adding the ability to simply TRACK the forms using a simple “received date” field for each type of medical form (for TLUSA that is Weekend Medical & High Adventure & possibly the Swimming Competency Test forms) as is available for BSA.

Oh, I see. You’d just like to track the dates and not store the actual forms.

I’d call Trail Life at 321-247-7761 to request a new feature. I’m not sure how open they are to accepting feature requests but maybe this will spark them to put an organization specific feature request spot up for TL here in the community.

Have a nice day!