Mobile AND Desktop version in same browser?

Is it possible to force a particular browser to show the mobile or desktop version of TT?

Why? There’s something that can only be viewed / done in each version. For example, it’d be nice to view “All Events” on the calendar when on a mobile device (which can be done by using the desktop version). Some sites have a slightly different URL or a button one can push to change. I see neither here.


Mobile Safari on iOS 11.4, possibly earlier but I can’t confirm, can do this. Select and hold the refresh icon and you will get an option to request Desktop Site. For TroopTrack it does then load the full site. Same option might be available on Android with Chrome but would need to search to see if its possible.

I see you got your answer on another post. For anyone in the future.

On most browsers on a mobile device, you can just open the Settings and select “Request Desktop version”. That refreshes the page by telling the site that they are a desktop instead of a mobile device, showing the items you are missing.

I do that whenever I need something more advanced while using my Android phone and it works just fine. There’s no way to lock in that setting on a per-site basis, though- that is controlled by the browser on the device, not by TT’s site code. And Chrome on Android doesn’t support that kind of setting that remains in place after you leave the session/site (maybe other browsers do, but it’s not a feature I’ve ever heard requested).