New format of TT seems not viewable

Good Morning,

I am working to use the site and I encounter a very difficult viewing presentation. Using an iPhone 8 with the latest iOS and default Safari. Tried the new app with only minor differences.

Can you please advise what to do?

Thank you.

With so many different size screens and browsers it’s hard for the Dev team to make something that works for every device. The screenshot you attached is the current mobile view and is scrollable within that event section. The display will depend on the length of the title as your Pinewood Derby Car Cutting is long and goes down several lines. I much prefer to subscribe to the calendar in my built in iOS calendar app so all of my personal and Scout events show up there.


Totally understand that it’s almost impossible to predict the different viewing angles. In the current viewing it is not really all that usable.

In the iOS subscription model seems promising but is there a pack and den separate calendar setup?

The way it seems is it’s one calendar that pulls all the events in at one spot. So in addition to seeing my specific den I see 8 other Dens as well and pack events so it generates a lot of clutter.

Is there a way to separate and organize?

It is true that subscribing does give everything from the calendar there are not separate subscriptions for different Dens/Patrols/Units. There really is no perfect solution currently.

What is the tech that Scoutbook uses to run their calendar setup? In that system we can get individual links to subscribe to. I just would doubt they would have anything proprietary.

There is such a major difference between the Calendar in ScoutBook and the Calendar in TT. Even though it is a Calendar there is so much more to it than simple Calendar items like you would see in any other Calendar program. Due to the fact that for any given Event you have so many different combinations of ways you could invite people to an Event, how then would you create custom ICS subscriptions for all of those? This question has been asked many times in the past and has had lots of feedback from the Community in favor of such a thing. I just wonder how practical it would be given the very nature of how TT Events work and the different Units that utilize TT. I would imagine there have been many discussions on how to even approach a task like this. The fact that it has never been implemented tells me its not an easy task.

I guess I’m just not sure. If they can do a straight individual den calendar it must technically be possible. I just encounter a lot of gripes from parents because there is not much interest in flooding parent calendars with 8 different weekly den events that there children are not affiliated with.

Our parents barely use TT for this and other reasons so I’m just kinda poking around to see what could be possible.