Money transactions not working on app

Has anyone had this error? In app purchases are not available on the mobile app?
It works ok on my laptop. I’m pretty sure in the past, it worked on my app on the phone.

Hi @TracyKopp,

You’ll need to make PayPal or Stripe purchases on the desktop, as they are not available on the app.


David Keener

Our troop doesn’t use paypal. I’m just trying to add a new transaction. I get the same error message for pay for something(debit) or add money (credit). Again, I don’t get this message doing it the same exact way on my laptop.

I have the same issues, but it seems to be connected to more recent iOS upgrades.

If I use the mobile app, the in app purchases are not allowed ( even when charging to internal TroopTrack account).

If I use a browser (even from my phone) I do t have any issues.

I’m just starting to tell my folks to not use the mobile app, but use the mobile web browser instead. It’s not as useful, but it works (for now).