Need better way to set up Den Chiefs

Re-posting this here so it gets proper attention.

Looking for suggestions on the best way to set up Den Chiefs. These are Boy Scouts assigned to each Cub Scout den as a leader. They aren’t a cub scout and they aren’t a parent. We want them to get all Den and all Pack emails but not leader emails. Typically when sending pack emails we send it to the all scouts mailing list.

Summarizing my requirements for how I want Den Chiefs to be treated:

  • Included in communications to the specific den so we assign the den chief to the den
  • Included in all pack communications - so either need to be in the “scout” or “adult” magic mailing lists (for us either work the same because only parents have emails addresses)
  • Not included in den reports and achievement lists
  • Do not receive emails to “leaders” mailing list
  • All emails sent to them also goes to their parent who may not be in the pack

The best I can come up with is to make them an adult and assign them to the den. But I cannot send emails to both them and their parent. I’ve tried adding the parent to the secondary email field but it appears communications don’t go to the secondary email.

Thanks for the help.

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This would help my den leaders tremendously!