Negative accounts reflect (RED)

Hey all-Can you update negative accounts to reflect red and in ( ) as in excel. The - gets lost in the mix and overlooked easily and would eliminate a step when downloading csv


I love accounting stuff.:moneybag:

I think that would be so helpful…I second that request.
I and others in our unit have said this is hard to read.
(I’m not a developer, but that seems simple enough to achieve?)

Thanks in advance

Agreed, many families in our troop are confused by how to read their accounts. This might help.

Going one step further. I belong to a similar website provider for homeschooling groups. Their website works very much like trooptrack with online event signups and payments attached to calendar events. However it is 100% easier to understand from the family side as well as the treasurer/admin side. A family account looks like this

with separate sections for outstanding balances, invoices and payments.

When I go to record a payment, I see this

Which allows me to select the charges that are being paid and sends an email receipt so that the family knows their payment has been recorded. We can choose to accept partial payments for larger events (like summer camp) or require an event to be paid in full.

I would love to see this kind of functionality in Trooptrack payments

Agreed, most of the time parents are asking me if they owe money or not. Having it stand out when negative would reduce that confusion.