Uploading Receipts to Troop Primary Account

It is very helpful to be able to attach receipts to the individual money accounts so that families are able to see exactly what their money is going for if they have questions. I have been successfully uploading receipts to all of the accounts except the Troop Primary account. When I upload receipts to that account, the screen pops back to the account and no receipts are there to view. Am I doing something incorrectly or are those accounts handled differently and unable to have receipts associated with them? It would be nice to have that as an option so that all of the financial data could be kept in one place. Thank you!

I too am having an issue. We used to be able to click on the “upload receipt” button amd take a photo of it feom within the app, but thos doesn’t work any more. I used it for taking photos of checks we received and it was very helpful.

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May I ask what browser you are using? I was able to go onto your account and create a test transaction in your Troop Primary account (now deleted) with an image and it worked just fine. I was able to identify the image and click on the receipt image button next to it to view it. I also tested it in my own Troop and was successful.


Do you mean the mobile version of TroopTrack or the iOS app? The iOS app has never supported this feature, but I was able to get onto the mobile version and take pictures with my phone, just like you described. You aren’t able to view them again on the mobile version, but they are there if you look at it on your desktop. ( I was also able to switch to the desktop version on my phone and view the image I took with my phone.)

Let me know if you guys run into any more trouble!

Thank you!

I was using the mobile version. Very handy on my Samsung to take a photo of the check and enter it in TT as I receive it at a meeting…