Newsletter shows invitees?

I am setting up our service unit newsletter and I previewed it. It has our next meeting on there, but
a) it shows invitees - I’m not sure this is needed in a newsletter
b) it only shows my name as invitee (the webmaster) and there are a lot of other people invited - I hope? Does this mean that nobody but me gets the invitation email?

Can you explain this feature to me, and let me know if I can alter or disable it?

Thank you

Hi @Kelly_Tamburello,

The newsletter is customized to each user. Your preview is an example of what everyone will see, but yours is tailored to you.

For your first question, sometimes parents have girls in multiple troops. You may have an event that one troop is invited to, but not another. It will show the parent that “Hey, for this event, only this girl is invited from your household”.

For your second question, it only shows things relevant to you and your household.

Let me know if you have any other questions!