Notifications for Sign Up Sheets

I’d like Scouts to be able to sign up for a Board of Review or Scoutmaster Conference using a sign-up sheet, to ensure that we’ll have enough time and plan for enough committee members or adult leaders to be present to conduct the Board of Review.

You could use the Sign Up Sheet in its current state for this purpose, you would add two items Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review, you could put a maximum quantity that you would allow for a meeting. You could either use the same one time after time or create multiple one for each opportunity you offer weekly, monthly whatever the case is.
You could also create an item Scoutmaster Conference 7:30 - 8pm and only allow one to sign up, then add additional items with different times.
I think it would also be possible to use Events for such a purpose as well, create an event Scoutmaster Conference, invite only the Scouts and have them RSVP, again you could set a limit per occurrence or not.
Was there something else specific you were envisioning in this request?