Old Cub Scout Adventures Never Reported

@dave, @Tyler, @Keener-Trooptrack,
Did something recently changed with Cub Scout Adventures, perhaps specifically, Tiger Adventures, My Tiger Jungle and Tiger Circles Duty to God?
I had all of my Tigers from this year plus one from last year show up on an advancement report with these two Adventures however last years Tiger earned them 3/26 and 4/1 2019, the rest were anywhere from 10/19 through 5/2020. I have done many Advancement reports all through that year and a half timeframe, but they never showed up. I thought perhaps it was a glitch so I checked their records in BSA IA 2.0 and they were not submitted. I looked at their individual profiles and sure enough no Reported to Council Date was entered.
This is a little concerning that completed Adventures some well over a year and a half old were never Reported to Council. We rely on the accuracy of TT for submitting our Advancements.
Along these lines if this is something we need to be concerned about then the Interactive Books should show the Reported to Council Field so we can double check what things have been reported and if anything was missed. I tried all of the Canned Reports as well as creating a Custom Report but nothing has that level of data. Short of going through every Scouts Profile and each Adventure within there is no way for me to verify that items have a date in Reported to Council. I would need to run reports from BSA IA2.0 and compare what they have to what the Scout has.

Hi Aaron,

There is some confusion with these awards. Can you clarify some things for us?

Are Backyard Jungle and My Tiger Jungle the same award?

And is My Family’s Duty to God and Tiger Circles: Duty to God the same award?

The reason I ask is because the BSA has provided us with Scoutbook/IA2.0 IDs for Backyard Jungle My Family’s Duty to God but have not provided us with any IDs for My Tiger Jungle and Tiger Circles: Duty to God.

Because in looking into this it looks like Backyard Jungle was replaced by My Tiger Jungle in 2018 (http://usscouts.org/advance/cubscout/changes/tiger-core-2018.asp). Yet we have no ID for it. Which made us assume it is the same ID as the award it replaced.

Which awards are active? Are they all active or did one replace another?

Thanks for your help in this.

Yes, BSA Rebranded Backyard Jungle to My Tiger Jungle, they are the same.

Yes, BSA Rebranded My Family’s Duty to God to Tiger Circles: Duty to God, they are the same.

According to BSA’s listing the most current active names are My Tiger Jungle and Tiger Circles: Duty to God, since the requirements are the same as the old names the ID would not change. Even in their own documentation there are times where the old names are used.

Here in ScoutBook the new names are listed however when you select the Adventure it has the old name.

@AaronStorey and @Dave,

Ok, so how should this be handled within TroopTrack? Thoughts?

I think what we have done is retired the old named awards and made new awards with the IDs from the BSA.

Should we be handling this a different way?


I think that sounds like a good solution.


This is exactly what we have done and why you are seeing those awards to report now. This is because the IDs were previously associated with Backyard Jungle and My Family’s Duty to God, but now the IDs are associated with My Tiger Jungle and Tiger Circles: Duty to God. You will not need to upload these to Scoutbook/IA2.0 but rather just mark them as reported within TroopTrack.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I did need to upload them to IA2.0 because they were not applied to the youths record when I checked BSA IA2.0 after they showed up on the TT IA2.0 Advancement Report. I would imagine they never showed up before because they had no ID associated with them and we had been using the new names of the awards.

Yes, you are correct.

Are the scouts showing having completed both the old award names and the new award names in Scoutbook/IA2.0? Or only the new names?

Let me know. I just want to make sure this is all sorted and good now.

Thanks Aaron.

@Tyler, In IA2.0 it shows Backyard Jungle and My Family’s Duty to God, in Scoutbook.com it shows My Tiger Jungle and Tiger Circles: Duty to God, the dates completed are the same for both systems.
Like I said before even BSA has inconsistency in their naming. Neither system lists both Adventure Names.

Hey Aaron,

Just following up on this. Is the way this should be handled how I stated above and what TT is currently doing? Or should we be handling these awards another way now?


I think how it is stated above is how it should be handled.