Online Forms and Website

Can online forms be done via TroopTrack? I am new to TroopTrack and am trying to find a way for us to do some online forms for events or re-registration with a payment link to Paypal.

Additionally, my daughter’s girls scout troop has a website connected to TroopTrack that uses Shutterfly’s platform. Our Pack doesn’t have this. Is this an additional feature we have to pay for or is there a place I can turn this on? If we can turn it on, can it be separated by Den?

Thank you.

Hi @DanielKodam,

Thank you for using the TroopTrack Community!

You can do both event payments and re-registrations in TroopTrack! The following three links will give you more information on how you can do that.

Shutterfly isn’t directly associated with TroopTrack. The way you use this is by going into the settings and changing the public site settings from TroopTrack Pages to External Site. You provide a URL and when someone tries to see your public pages, they will be redirected.

To do this, go to Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings, then press the TroopTrack Settings tab and you will see the options under “Web Site Settings”.

Currently, we do not offer support for separate websites for each Den.

Thank you and have a nice day!