Order # gone from PayPal

Starting in late September all payments via PayPal show as “Express Checkout Payment” and the Order # is gone. This makes it very difficult to look up transactions in the system. Did something change in the shopping cart? How can we get this back?

Hi @RyanMcMahon1,

Do you have an example of some paypal charges that show as that? Will they be on your money account in TroopTrack?


David Keener

This started after 9/21. It makes it really difficult. This info button shows the order number.

Here is what it looks like when you click the name (LeRoy in this case).

This is what it looks like now. The totals have changed and there is no note with the order number.

Here is a PayPal report showing the changes:

I can sleuth around the system and usually find it but it’s a total pain especially if there are multiple items in the cart. Also we do have multiple issues per month of the sale being completed and the $$ in PayPal but it shows as unpurchased in the users cart. Those are the great mystery and I usually have to guess based on the amount.