Paypal payments

Good Afternoon,

In the past our pay pal account would note what event was being paid for. It would align with the event name in the troop track invite. This is no longer the case. Now in the memo line it gives a random series of numbers. Any ideas how to change this back to an actual memo? This is a recent change within the last 30 days or so.


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Hi @RobCurran,

Every order is recorded in manage orders, and in the orders page, and from there you can see what account it’s from, what it was for, and all the info about that specific order. To do this go to “manage”, “orders”, and that will bring you to the orders page with all that information.

Does this help?

Let me know.

David Keener


Thanks Dave,

Tyler followed up earlier as well.

As I told him - One day it was under the money accounts, next time I went there it had moved to the dropdown list. I just didn’t see it.

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