Payment-related Discrepancies

I have two cases where there is a record in Manage/Money/Orders, but no record of the payment in the event (no RSVP and no entry in the events Payment History)
Order ID 708770-13031-ba83ca6c, 3/25
Order ID 550043-13031-d311135e, 3/11

I have one case where we received an email notification of payment from PayPal, but there is no record of the transaction at all in TroopTrack
Order ID 533065-13031-796ca535, Email from PayPal sent on 3/11.
This was payment for two scouts, same event.

I have one case where TroopTrack recorded the payment transaction, but payment was never received in PayPal. I see the order in the event’s Payment History and in Manage/Money/Orders.
Order ID 610825-13031-7d6e1be4, 3/23

I assume you can do your troubleshooting by tracing the Order ID’s, but if you need screen shots or any other info, let me know and I’ll gladly supply whatever you need.

Hi Jim,

Sorry for the late reply. I have numbered the three separate situations you outlined. Let me address all of these with you:

  1. For Order ID 708770-13031-ba83ca6c and 550043-13031-d311135e, there was never a purchase. If you search for these orders in Manage > Money > Orders you will see they are labeled as “Not Purchased”. This usually means they didn’t fully check out. Are you seeing these payments showing up as completed/successful in PayPal?

  2. For Order ID 533065-13031-796ca535, you are correct this is not showing up in TroopTrack. If the payment is confirmed in PayPal, this might have occurred because whoever made the payment closed the PayPal window too early when making the payment.

  3. For Order ID 610825-13031-7d6e1be4, I am not able to find any record of this payment in TroopTrack. Where were you seeing Order ID 610825-13031-7d6e1be4? I am not able to find this on the Orders page. Which event did you see this payment on?

Let me know on some of the information above and we can get to the bottom of these issues you are experiencing.


Hi Tyler –

See my comments below in red. Thanks for following up.

I hope you and your family are well and staying safe in these crazy times.


(Attachment Orders (2).csv is missing)

I see that when replying via email, I have to keep all of my answers in the reply section - I can’t add them to the body of your text because they get lost when posted here. And attachments do not get posted here either (which is actually a good thing since they contained some info I wouldn’t want posted publicly). Still learning …

Here are my answers:

  1. Yes, both confirmed in PayPal. Confirmation emails were attached to the email I sent. If you don’t have access to them and need them, let me know how best to send them to you other than attaching them here.

  2. Yes, that order was confirmed in PayPal. Confirming email was attached to the email.

  3. Very strange (and scary). I captured a screen print on 3/28 that shows the transaction. It also showed up in a csv download I did on 3/28. But it is no longer in Money/Orders. There is also no record of it in the event’s payment history. I’m sure I saw it there, but I don’t have a screen capture to prove it. The event is noted in the Description below. Note that when we discovered the discrepancy, we notified the person involved and she subsequently made payment transactions on 3/30. But the 3/23 transaction is now nowhere to be seen. Both the csv file and a non-redacted version of the screen print were included in the email.

Another example. Event shows RSVP without paying, but we received payment from PayPal.



Hi Jeff,

Our team was able to fix the missing PayPal payments you are referring to. This fix will only apply to PayPal transactions going forward. Past transactions that were successful in PayPal but were not recorded in TroopTrack will need to be entered manually. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone who has helped us figure out this issue. Read more about this here: