Other Achievements (for AHG)

Under the Achievements > Other category. There is a lot of different patches that can be earned at multiple levels again after the girls move up into the next level. One for example: National Day of Service… I was wondering if we could add “National Day of Service (TH)”, “National Day of Service (EX)”, “National Day of Service (Pi/Pa)”? That way we know who already has it and then who we have to order for again.

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I LOVE that idea! Right now it’s a nightmare for us to keep track of who has earned the patch and who needs the rocker. Who should move it off an old vest and put it on the new vs who really needs one. If we could mark that they earned the patch at a certain level and then maybe a way to mark earning a rocker for NDS, that would be awesome!

Right now, I use the good old paper and pencil version of who gets what. :wink:

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Do you have any documentation (links to pages or pdfs) that mentions this achievement is repeatable? This isn’t a difficult thing for us to do, we just need to make sure we are doing something that’s actually a thing form AHG.


I thought it was an annual event that could be repeated? My daughter has done the National Day of Service multiple times as a Tenderheart.

@mwestcott, I didn’t even notice that. Thank you for bringing this up!

You can add it multiple times to the “other” tab. So this request is more about bringing it out of the “other” tab and differentiating between levels?

Yes @mwestcott , it can be repeated every year but we only give the patch out once per level and get rockers for each year there after while still in the same level.

Wow, sorry for the grammar… that’s a bad run-on sentence. lol :wink:

I wouldn’t say that you would have to bring it out of the “Other” tab but more of a (T), (E), and/or (Pi/Pa) behind it. I would think that would be an easier fix rather than putting it into the levels tab. Unless, it is easier on your side. However you think would work? :wink:

We do the same. The first year they earn it at a level, they get the patch, from then on it’s rockers. This year we just had our bridging families take the patch to their daughter’s new uniform.

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