Parents' info not coming over with transfer

When I update our roster in TroopTrack by synching with AHG Connect, it is not bringing the new parents over. It looks like the information was entered the same for old families and the new ones in AHG Connect. Any advice???


I’ve received reports of there being a delay (likely due to traffic). Will you please check again in like an hour and let me know?

Thank you.

It’s bringing new girls information straight away, just not the parents.
They are showing as Mother/Father in AHG Connect, so really no clue why
it’s not working. All our returning families parents transferred just
fine. I noticed this yesterday and so retried again today,and still
nothing. Will it just show up in there at some point? After having to
hand enter everyone’s old/current badges & service stars, I’d hate to have
to double enter all our families information too…this is why we switched
to troop track, to avoid all this double entering.

Still not coming over!

I am having the same problem. When do you think this will be fixed?
I did an update to sync Troop Track with AHG Connect, but the mom’s email and information did not transfer over.
None of our new families will be able to receive the emails we send through Troop Track.
Thank you!

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