Pathfinder Bead Recording Idea

This idea came from me NOT remembering to tell my Pathfinder leaders that they should be entering beads for all their little girls… :exploding_head: I’m looking for a way to simplify entering beads for Pathfinders.

Is there a way to set up the Pathfinder Beads so that when you go to enter them, you get a box that pops up with the all the stepping stones that you can check off. Similar to the Trail Life system with their Forest Award. The boys can earn the branch on the Forest Award and in our PF’s case it’s just checked off in a box under Stepping Stones. (In bulk as well) Then we could keep track of which stepping stone they earned and have a date box for completion by each Stone Frontier. Doing the same for the Memory Verse Beads, a box that allows us to enter each bead with the date instead of having to enter them one by one.

Service is the one I’m really curious about. The other beads, they can be tedious, but there are only 6 of the Memory Verse and 6 of the Stepping Stones. Service is where things get hairy. I have ONE girl this year who only earned 3 service beads. All my other girls are at 7, 9, 13, 17, 19, and my personal favorite 37 beads. Those take forever to enter one by one. Is it possible to have the PF Service Beads populate on the Manage Stars Page??? Then, just like the stars, it’s automatically calculated and we can click the magic “Add Service Beads” button and they appear on our shopping list and on the girls profile. Please oh please?!? This service bead thing would be amazing. Even if everything else was not a possibility, it would be amazing to have this one feature!!!

As a parent keeping track of my daughter’s AHG progress, I agree, that would be an amazing tool to have. My daughter memorized all 6x of the Pathfinder Memory Verses, plus several of the ones the older girls had, for a total of 9x Red Heart Beads. The White Star beads for individual service projects are quite tedious to enter individually. Thanks and God bless.