AHG Pathfinder Stepping Stones

I am redirecting this question from the helpdesk to the Community because I need some AHG feedback. Remember the Community is for Questions, Bugs, and Feature requests and the helpdesk is for imports and transfers.

This appears to be a request to change the way the Stepping Stones are used so they act more like regular achievements. Because these are already widely in use, a big change like that might cause some issues. I want to see if there is a need to make this change in the opinions of other AHG users and how it would be a benefit or if it might cause problems.

Below are the comments I received:

“Pathfinders need to be able to record each stepping stone just like a badge for the older girls”

“The Pathfinders use a different book than the other AHG girls.They earn “stepping stones” that are put on a necklace instead of badges on a vest. It is difficult to record their progress in each of the stepping stones where they learn all about our oath, creed and basic scouting principles.”

Provided link: https://www.americanheritagegirls.org/girls-only/pathfinder/


I agree. I have actually created custom awards to track this for our girls. Would be nice if it were official.