PayPal won't go past step #2

Our ability to deposit funds into the TroopTrack scout money accounts using PayPal recently stopped working. You can get to step #1 How much do you want to deposit, and step #2 comes up with all the right information but no way to move past step #2 to complete the transactions. There is nothing obvious wrong in TroopTrack or PayPal. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I have seen a few other posts about PayPal issues. I am reaching out to TT staff to find out the status. I will update as soon as I hear something.

I have the same question.

We have the same problem on our end - Has anyone heard about an ETA for fix?

Hi Aaron. thanks for looking into the PayPal Problem. Is there any new information on what is causing the problem or any thoughts on when it might be fixed

Unfortunately I have not heard back from the TT admins. In my experience they are always working on things in the background and trying to get things fixed even if they are not communicating that out.

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I am seeing notifications now and the issues were tied together so PayPal should be fixed now as well.

I just tried to deposit money with PayPal and the problem hasn’t changed from the original post.
Are others now able to use PayPal or are you also still having this problem

I have not actually heard from the TT admins that everything is fixed, I just started getting notifications and they said the issues were tied together. Perhaps i jumped the gun a bit. I will update once I hear from them.

FYI, I also started seeing calendar notifications and hoped that everything was resolved, but I still cannot use PayPal.

Same problems still…

The admins are looking into this continued problem. They thought it was the same issue as the notifications but was not.

Thanks for everything you do !!

This issue is being followed on another thread as well: Shopping Cart not allowing for check out - #14 by BrentHeist

We are having the same problem for the past three weeks. Has there been any progress with this online payment problem?

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Confirmed I could use the deposit fund function in TroopTrack, using a credit card via PayPal. The transaction showed up in TroopTrack and PayPal the way it should. Again, thanks for everything you do.