Put the medical required field to use

Feature request - an option to alert and/or prevent someone from RSVPing for an event that has the “Medical required” field checked if their medical form dates are blank and/or will have past by the event dates.


I would add (for AHG) that it’d be nice to indicate which medical form is required - just the annual one everyone must do (health & med form) or the high adventure medical form.

But do make it optional (or an alert) as we do allow the “have the form by X date.”


How about Flagging the person’s name on the RSVP with a asterisk on the list with missing med forms.

Begs the question of making it easy to bulk update the med form fields. With a larger group of Scouts - it would be daunting to update.

I further suggest that a similar Bulk update option be available similar to the Bulk Advancement. It could be Bulk Contact Info. Each relative field should be toggled.

Another way to look at it like training - show it as a item with an expiration. Registration - yearly expires, vehicle information - yearly expiring.


Personally, I consider this a bug rather than a feature request.

The event details say “Medical Required” and the member details track the various medical dates. All of the components are there to enforce medicals at signup. In my evaluation of TroopTrack, I made the assumption it did the enforcement. This is a critical tool in driving medical compliance while taking load off of the leaders managing events and health forms.

That said, I do like the below idea of Medical Required" having 2 options: A/B or A/B/C. The last day of the event must be less that the medical date plus 1 year.

Honestly, as the person responsible for medical forms in my troop, this was a major feature to reduce my workload. If feature is only an “Informational” flag without enforcement, it’s value to me is completely lost.



I am the Troop medical forms officer and have been using TroopTrack this past year. I have read through some excellent comments and suggestions and see that minimum improvements have been made to functionality of the medical forms feature. As is, the usefulness is a disappointing waste of time. PLEASE consider these fixes asap:

  1. uploading med forms --> I would recommend NOT developing this as it could lead to big HIPAA violations (medical privacy laws). If the Troop wants to play in the gray, they can upload members’ forms under the Profile > Files tab and limit who can view these forms.
  2. alphabetical by LAST NAME --> why is this not the default for every listing and filter?? ie RSVP, attendance, training book, etc.
  3. Dates of mandatory BSA documents/training like Medical forms and YPT training --> I devoted time to keeping this data current for 90+ members and currently get ZILCH benefit from TroopTrack. At the VERY LEAST, these dates should be linked to RSVP for campouts and trigger a popup or email prompt to members when their dates do not meet requirement. TroopTrack helping us maintain BSA Compliance would be a critical selling point.

Eventually, I would love to be able to filter dates of expired forms and training certs, to generate an email address list for sending communication en masse to the members. (FYI the .csv filter includes name and form dates but NO other info like email, again MINIMALLY useful as is). An auto-feature for 30-, 60-, or 90-day expiration prompt would be even better.

Thank you for letting me share this feedback/rant :wink: I look forward to TroopTrack continuing to enhance our user experience.


I will pass this stuff along to our developer for review. Thank you for the feedback! Also, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you - I have been out of the office due to illness and I am still trying to get caught up!