PENDING: Cannot clean up orders that were never completed

Between the release of TT4 and fixes for shopping cart use were applied (I think mostly issues with a token errors), many attempts to sign-up for events were failing. Some were caused by users actually trying to sign-up and others were caused by me trying to recreate the issues. What I recently noticed is that when I go to Manage -> Money -> Orders, all of those failed orders are still lingering in this list. They do not show up anywhere else as far as I can tell.

I think that the user having permission to manage money accounts, add users to events manually, etc. (i.e. the unit treasurer) needs to have access to clean-up those incomplete orders as well. I have several pages of them that should be removed with some good ones interspersed towards the end.

I also noticed that when I try to refund ALL items within an order (now that the orders work), that refund does not remove the order from the above view. I know there is already an issue with event refunds tied to orders. I just want to call out this part of the issue. My current work around for the refund issue is to manually delete the order transactions in the payor/receiver accounts (assuming everything in the order was refunded). However, I am still left with the Orders list with orders that should no longer be there or at a minimum have a status showing they are invalid/failed orders, or that they were adjusted, refunded or completed.

@AaronStorey Do you have any ideas on this one?

From testing I also have quite a few orders listed that were ultimately refunded due to testing the system while working on the issue. I don’t have pages and pages of them like @PatrickSeraphine. For this particular instance it would be nice to be able to remove those old test Orders. However going forward with a working system I don’t think it would be a good idea to be able to remove orders, it is a record of transactions, especially if you are using a payment service. I am a bit torn. What about requiring a Support Request with the Order Numbers and you guys can go in and clean them up for this instance of bad testing orders? If the transactions still exist in an account what would it do to those?