Turn off shopping cart

Is there a way to turn off the shopping cart and go back to the way it was before the update?

Ever since the update, there have been many issues. In the money account CSV export, it no longer says in the description what the payment was for, but rather has an order number. We then need to download the orders and manually look at each file to reconcile things. What used to take about 10 minutes now takes a couple hours. Not to mention that the PayPal export no longer lists the description as the item either, adding to the frustration. Not very efficient.

Also, instead of there being one line in the one line per item, there are four. Notice the difference in the CSV downloads attached (one is from a time period in Jan and the other is March).

Also, there are some things that are still not showing up in either an individuals money account or in the RSVP when they go through and RSVP to an event and then pay for it.

It is all really frustrating…

Derek Griffiths
Treasurer | Troop 16

Here is the second image from a January download. Notice how there are way less rows for each transaction

Hi Derek,

Since the launch of the new update the description was replaced by an order number. This is happening because of the new shopping cart. The shopping cart is great because this allows users to bunch multiple purchases together, and then only run one transaction through Stripe or Paypal, which incurs less fees. The problem with the shopping cart is that because you can now bunch multiple tickets or items, there could be all kinds of things in the cart. So the description wouldn’t just be “Event ticket for Johnny” it would be “Event ticket for johnny, julie, billy bob, money deposit, etc”.

We are now publishing the description/receipt of each order in another place. Now you can see the receipt of orders under Manage > Members > Orders. Have you been able to look at that Orders page? Maybe that would be easier for you to see all payments? This page is meant to show you all the orders happening within your troop, what exact items (event tickets) were in the order, who paid for it, and what payment method was used.

You also said that there are payments not showing up for events. Which event was it and which person?

Let me know and I can definitely help.


Thank you.
I get the idea behind the shopping cart. It has just made accounting and reconciliation more difficult and time consuming than it was before.
As for payments not showing up. The latest instance is from this event: https://bsa16.trooptrack.com/plan/events/1164994.
The Campbell Family (Jerry, Jackson, Nicolas) paid for this. The transaction shows up on PayPal, but there is no order and the RSVP is not logged. In the notes section of the PayPal payment it says Order #546422-5653-44338a37, but that order # is no where to be found.


Hello @Troop16Treasurer,

Many TroopTrack troops who use PayPal to process payments experienced a problem where completed event payments in PayPal would not be recorded in TroopTrack.

We have since fixed this. But, this fix will only apply to PayPal transactions going forward. Past transactions that were successful in PayPal but were not recorded in TroopTrack will need to be entered manually. You can read more from last week’s post here:

Let me know if you have any questions!