Permissions for Merit Badge Counselor only?

New TT user here. I searched but didn’t find an idea like this in the community.

Our troop is transitioning from another program to TT. We have had all advancement information manually tracked in Scout books and blue cards. I am investigating whether it can be done in TT, and one stumbling block appears to be marking Merit Badge advancements. Counselors would have to be given “unit” permissions, plus “edit achievement records.”

It would be great if there were a “Merit Badge” permission where the Merit Badge Counselor could edit achievement records for merit badges only, and even better if this applied only to the badges they are counseling on.

I know that you could go crazy with permissions, and introduce a lot of complexity into the program, but having more granularity over who can do what would be great.

Final question, which would reduce the need for more permission control-- does TT show who signed off on an achievement, and if so, can everyone see that? We haven’t been on long enough to start tracking achievements in TT, but that would help show if someone is signing off on areas they should not.


This would be fantastic on the Cub Scout side as well for NOVA and SuperNOVA awards. That way we can ensure only registered NOVA Counselors and SuperNOVA mentors are signing of on requirements. We have to spend time each month auditing the NOVA awards to make sure the proper people signed off.