Pioneering MB

When adding a merit badge under an individual scout, pioneering does not show up. It is there for bulk entry.

Can you please give me the first name and last initial of the scout so I can take a look? I was able to find it in mine, but there may be something off there.

I honestly do not remember who it was. I was entering sooooo many. I ended up going to bulk entry and doing one scout at a time.

Along these lines…is there any hope of getting a check box for 2a and 2b instead of just 2? Just a random example…

The Pioneering appears to be working. The only reason it wouldn’t show up for a specific user is if it is already added to their account somewhere.

As for the 2a and 2b thing, there won’t be a checkbox of any type, but we may expand that and many more out when we switch to the new system.

When is that roll out happening? Need to warn my non-computer advancement chair. LOL

It’s going to be piece by piece over the next year. No major jumps. Just one or two features at a time.