Weird Level Awards Magically Appear

We have 4 girls who had magically had the Abagail Adams Level Award appear on their Achievements profile. These girls are ALL Pioneers, 3 of them are 1st year Pioneers, so they aren’t eligible to even earn the award. But when you look at the award, they were entered with a manual completion date and most have little to no information on when you go in and look at the award. There is no person that is listed as having entered them. We can’t figure out who entered them or when. When I go in an look at Mackenzie’s Pioneer record, she completed Outdoor Skills but on 8/14 not 8/29 like is entered on the Award. Can you guys see anything on your end as to where/how these awards appeared? We can’t figure out why these 4 Pioneers suddenly have the AA listed on their Patriot tab. Below are the pics I have, but if you need more info, please let me know. I can give you exact girls.


Edited to add: Our TC did go in and try and enter the AA for another Pioneer and it let her, but her name shows up under the “recorded by” column. She was able to do the same for an EX, but again, her name shows up under the “recorded by” column. Unlike these 4 girls below. As of today, I have 7 girls with the AA Award. 3 of the girls show up as having completed the award on 8/29, 2 of the girls were entered by the TC with her name as the recorder, 2 show up as completed on 10/10, and how 1 shows up as completed on 10/26. The system or someone else has 2 additional girls with no recorder. The TC recorded the 2 additional girls.


Our tech team has been made aware of this issue and is working on a fix for it.


David Keener

Thank you!! I’ll let our leadership know!