Planned Accomplishment

Is there anyway to update the achievements with a “Planned” feature. That way, as we plan the youth’s advancement, we can get an accurate picture of where they will be after the plan. You could do the progress bar as depicted below.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Interesting idea. Feels like a project management tracking progress status.

I ask how you want to reconcile the progress achieved so far (blue area) as being a current percentage of requirements completed vs the next planned progress which i am assuming is a date? Like get these 2 requirements done by x date?

Or maybe I am confused as to how the red and pink area would represent tracking percentages? Would the Scout have chosen 2 more requirements to complete next? Help me understand how you want the progress bar to relay meaningful status?


I am looking specifically at ranks. For instance, if a scout is working on Tenderfoot, and the Scoutmasters are planning on completing certain activities at an upcoming event, we could click planned. This way, parents and leaders could get an accurate picture (with the progress bar) of how close they are to obtaining that rank.