Please add fields from standard GS forms to Scout Profile pages

Please add fields from standard forms (like the annual parent permission form, etc.) to the Scout profile so that we can enter this into Troop Track as parents turn in forms. Specifics include:

  • Y/N/no reply: Permission for trips: Activities within 1 hour driving time of the meeting place and not exceeding 6 hours in duration.
  • Y/N/no reply: All activities, except those considered high-risk or involving an overnight stay
  • Y/N/no reply: Permission to use photographs
  • Y/N/no reply: Permission to register daughter/dependent online
  • Y/N/no reply: Permission to give medication
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I would add firearms permission slip to the list.

Also, our troop would like to upload soft copies of these docs so they’re always available to the entire leadership if necessary.