Print a list or report of scouts by patrol

I wonder if I am missing it but I can’t seem to print a simple list of scouts by patrol. There is a great “view” of scouts by patrol (under Manage>Patrols) but no printable report that I can find. There is also a Patrols Report that lists scouts, their patrol and their current leadership role if they have one. This would be perfect if only I could sort it by patrol for printing or publishing as a pdf. Am I missing something?

Hi @PaulConover,

Please try Manage > Reports > Patrols Report or Communicate > Print Roster.

Hello and thank you! The Patrols Report allows me to sort by patrol when VIEWING but not when printing. Too bad, because this would be perfect. The Print Roster approach works but isn’t usable for us because we allow older scouts to have emails in our system but, as a policy, we don’t publish those emails. Any other ideas?

You can print Manage->Sections (for Australian Scouting - probably Patrols for you) but it doesn’t print the Section (Patrols) headings. You can filter show it only shows one Section/Patrol

See Printing "Section" screen - headings don't come out for an open issue trying to get TT to fix that (a really simple CSS fix at their end)