Profile Viewer for Site Admin

I came across an instance where it would have been incredibly helpful to see what a specific person is viewing on their screen, which is much different than my screen as the site admin.

Is there any way something like this could be added? A good example is Facebook. if you go to your profile, you can click on “view as” and then choose a person. This shows you what that person would see if they went to your profile.

This would be a great troubleshooting tool if I could go and view what a parent would see when they log on to TroopTrack. For instance, when I click on the “plan” tab, I get a different list of options as an admin that my scouts or parents don’t see. So here I am going “Yea just click on plan, and then click on this” and my parents and scouts are going “wait, I don’t have that option.”

It would just be helpful to be able to see what my users see.

Hi @JustinWeaver,

Thanks for bringing this idea to the Community. This sounds like an interesting idea. Before our developers can consider this idea, we would like to gather a little more feedback from the TroopTrack Community. Some +1’s and more comments from other interested parties would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for using TroopTrack and have a great day!

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